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Tammy Davis Dillon, RN, LMBT #16102

Registered Nurse and Licensed Professional Massage and Bodywork Therapist

The Healing Hand, LLC

    Massage Studio of Archdale

located at

3800 archdale Rd

  archdale, NC


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Cancer Survivor who found a massage therapist for life!

"I've had massages at chains. Nothing special. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much when I went to see Tammy for the first time, but I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED! She listened to my story, made a plan based on my needs, then gave me a 90-minute relaxation massage with hot stones, aromatherapy, dim lighting, relaxing music, warm towels and a massage that relaxed every muscle in my body. Wow! I slept like a baby that night. It's the best rest I've had in years. I'm going back monthly now!"
Aug 20, 2017


"I am in the process of moving and was in great need of some relief from all the soreness and tight muscles. I had my massage in the evening and when I woke up the next morning I couldn't tell I had even packed one box. Tammy is so kind and caring and generous. She is a real gem. I've been to her numerous times and will continue to do so!"
Aug 16, 2017
Do this for yourself!
"I never thought I needed regular massages until I started seeing Tammy. The aches and pains I thought were just a part of life don't have to be. She listens and works on each area with great care. She tailors each massage to my specific needs and uses hot towels, hot stones and special tools to make each visit exactly what I need that day. She is a miracle worker and seeing her regularly is the best thing I've done for myself in a very long time. "
Aug 14, 2017

Very relaxing experience!

"The environment was very conducive to a relaxing experience. Tammy was amazing in how she incorporated the hot stones and the warm towels into her massage routine. I loved everything about it and will definitely return!"
Aug 5, 2017

Amazing massage

"I had the most amazing massage ever by Tammy Dillon on Thursday! I booked a 60 minute massage and didn't want her to stop and extended it to 90. If you are tired, overworked, and need to just relax and work those tired muscles out, she is the one to help. She is a nurse and knows just what the target areas are for whatever you need. I love her and I will go back. This was my third time. "
July 22, 2017
Hour of Heaven

Hour of Heaven

"I had a very pleasant and relaxing reflexology session. Tammy takes a true interest in her clients and she makes you feel very comfortable and at ease. Thoroughly enjoyed it and have booked my next appointment."
July 20, 2017
60 minute massage
"Tammy is truly gifted in the art of massage! Relaxing atmosphere, hot stones, warm towels, it's just heaven!! Highly recommend The Healing Hand!"
July 17, 2017

Evaluation of Tammy Dillon

"Very relaxing experience. Would highly recommend this massage to anyone who needs some personal time for themselves. It will be worth it! "
July 15, 2017

Felt like puddy when I left.

"Came in stressed with tight muscles in shoulders and back. Feet were throbbing from working every day on a concrete floor. After 90 minutes of heaven on earth (massage with hot stones incorporated into the massage + hot towels in a cool room), I felt like a new man! You must experience it to believe how wonderful it feels. The only thing I regret is waiting this late in life to get a massage. I have a lot of making up to do. Thank you, Tammy. You really do have healing hands. "
June 18, 2017

Elementary school teacher

"Great massage and very relaxing. I can't wait to do it again! If you haven't been in for your massage, you're truly missing out on a treat! "
May 23, 2017

60 minutes of heaven

"I arrive tense and aching and leave calm, relaxed and rejuvenated. Tammy listens carefully, questions and explains her plan before she begins. The session is interactive and tailored to my needs every single time. Tammy truly has a gift and I'm grateful she's following her calling. "
May 17, 2017

60 minute massage

"Thank you so much today Tammy Davis Dillon for my wonderful birthday massage ... it was positively awesome. You are indeed gifted and talented.. you have a skill of asking questions and listening to my answers to know just exactly what I need even when I don't. You are the very best!! It set my mood for the day - awesome.... "
May 12, 2017

60 minute hot stone treatment/massage

"This was the most relaxing hour of my life!! I loved the hot stone treatment! A perfect gift for any occasion."
Apr 22, 2017


"I received the most amazing 90 minute massage yesterday and I feel so much better today. I loved the hot stones. Tammy is not only talented; she is kind, thoughtful, respectful and tunes in to your physical and emotional needs. I love this woman! I highly recommend her to everyone!"
Apr 5, 2017

90 Minute Massage

"Loved the hot stone massage! So relaxing and such professional mannerisms. I would definitely recommend this massage!"
Apr 4, 2017

Calming experience

"The massage I had with Tammy last week was so peaceful! The atmosphere she creates with the calm music and diffused oils make you feel relaxed before the massage even begins. Tammy is a gifted massage therapist and her gentle spirit and knowledge make you feel so comfortable! I loved it and will be back!"
Apr 2, 2017


"Thank you Tammy for the best 90 minutes I have had in a long time! The deep tissue massage got some old kinks out of this old body and the hot stones felt so good. You have certainly found found your calling in helping others. Your touch is priceless."
Mar 27, 2017


"Tammy is great at what she does. It was one of the best massages ever. I would recommend booking a massage. "
Mar 17, 2017

90 minute massage

"Yesterday I had the most wonderful experience with Tammy at The Healing Hand!! Every warm towel and hot stone was so relaxing and wonderful. I highly recommend it to everybody!!"
Mar 12, 2017

Best thing I did for me!

"It was wonderful! So relaxing and comfortable. I got the Swedish massage. The atmosphere was so conducive to letting everything go. "

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