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A client texted me to ask if I would come to the local hospital to give her a massage.  She was in ICU, connected to all sorts of monitors, one of which recorded Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate.

When I started the massage:

BP 149/93 (high), HR 117 (high), RR 30 (high)

After I gave her a 90 min massage in her hospital bed:

BP 119/59 (normal), HR 70 (normal), RR 20 (normal)

During the massage, client received no meds, no IV fluids, no other treatment other than massage.  To me, that's God's healing through the power of touch.           ~Tammy



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"I strongly believe stress management is paramount in managing pain and anxiety,

supporting the immune system

and experiencing good overall health management". 

Tammy Dillon, RN, LMBT, February 2016

Tammy Davis Dillon, RN, LMBT #16102

Registered Nurse and

Licensed Professional Massage and Bodywork Therapist

The Healing Hand Massage Therapy Clinic of Archdale-Trinity


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Jen "MJ" is founder of Touch of Freedom Massage Therapy.  "It is truly my heart's desire to help others find comfort and healing through massage and get their freedom back!"  My mission is to commit to serving my community and assist in reaching a state of peace and healing using a variety of modalities of massage.  To show compassion, build trust and provide relief from everyday aches and pains by performing therapeutic massage. Massage modalities include:  Swedish, Relaxation, Prenatal, Comfort Touch, Cupping, Guasha, Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Condition Specific-(ie: Plantar Fasciitis, tension Headaches, carpal tunnel, pelvis dysfunction, Piriformis Syndrome, etc.), and Chair Massage.

Amy, founder of Amy Walker Massage Therapy, is a Registered Dental Hygienist as well as a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist.  Amy combines her love for people and dental knowledge to offer many expert modalities to her massage and bodywork.  Amy Walker founded her practice to treat clients suffering from chronic pain due to TMJ syndrome, injuries, and stress. As a licensed massage therapist, she is expert in a variety of methodologies, including traditional Swedish massage (for relaxation and stress release), “trigger point” therapy, cupping, and stretch therapy.

Tammy, founder of The Healing Hand Massage Therapy Clinic of Archdale-Trinity, is a registered nurse and massage therapist, who is certified in Integrative Reflexology and Case Management.  She worked 10 years as an inpatient staff nurse in Oncology at High Point Hospital and an area Hospice.  She spent 12 years as a health management nurse where she assisted patients in management of their rare chronic autoimmune disorders.  Tammy knows from her work and general life experiences that "Proactive self-care can give us the quality of life we all desire."  Both Massage and Reflexology help teach the client the importance of relaxation and release of stress throughout the body.. 



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Mission Statement of The Healing Hand:

To assist every client in his/her exploration of finding ways to improve his/her health and well-being by teaching how stress management through complementary therapies can direct the body to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self-healing.


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Tammy Davis Dillon, RN, LMBT

NC license #16102

The Healing Hand Massage, LLC

Jen (MJ) Mahoney, LMBT

NC license #16125

Touch of Freedom Massage

Amy Walker, LMBT

NC license #18165

Amy Walker Massage Therapy, LLC 

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